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image TYAD Pictures Entertainment Group - TYAD Pictures Entertainment Group has goals to build a state-of-the-art movie, animation and television studio. Under the direction of Shea Chambers (president), Steven Ritchie (senior vice president at TYAD Pictures), Kevin Carraway (senior vice president at 3-Media Pictures) and Eric Senis (senior vice president at 3-Mediavision) the movies studios will focus on medium and large-budget films in numerous genres. Films will be produced internally, along with acquisitions of films from indie and major directors/producers.

image Thrive Audio - Thrive Productions, the production arm of TYAD Music Group (TMG), promises to brand the music and entertainment industry with a style of its own. With new president Olivier Roulon, now in place, the division will focus on producing audio for many of the acts released on the TMG labels.

image TYAD ALIVE! - TYAD ALIVE! is a Concert, Sports and Events Promotions group - a division of TYAD Media Corp. Under the leadership of industry veteran, Raymond McGlamery, the company will manage and/or program venues consisting of: small and large clubs; theatres; arenas, and stadiums, along with promoting acts outside of the TYAD Music Group system, and will create its own ticket purchasing system, which will benefit all artists/talent, fans, and consumers.

image TM Total Events - TM Total Events is a full service events group, which designs Red Carpet, Corporate and all other events for TM Corp, TYAD Music Group, TYAD Pictures Studios and TYAD ALIVE!. Under the direction of events industry veteran Rachel Ferguson, the team will give a signature look to TYAD Media Corp, and it's properties.

image AMFIE - Creative design and implementation of multi-media players and video gaming systems, along with corporate new media/marketing.